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IFR Renewals - Now in the Redbird!!

With the Redbird FMX integrated into our IFR training syllabus, we can offer IFR renewals completely in the sim, including the flight test. For Multi-IFR training we use a Seneca configuration with a Garmin 530/430 GPS configuration to match our Seneca aircraft. As well, with the 172S configuration it can also be used for some of the instrument training requirements in the Private and Commercial Licence syllabus.

It's one component that contributes to keeping our Instrument Flight Training program at the forefront of IFR training in Canada. Call us at 780-451-7676 for more info or drop-in for a tour to see it yourself.

Instrument Flight Rules

Centennial's Redbird FMX flight simulator

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) is flying the aircraft by referring primarily to instruments in the aircraft cockpit without visual reference to the ground (this means you are flying in, or above the clouds where you cannot see the ground). The aircraft must contain appropriate IFR equipment, and the pilot must be specially trained and licensed. And Centennial provides some of the best IFR training in Canada.

Flying in IFR conditions is the most precise and challenging flying a professional pilot will encounter. The course itself combines the actual flying of an aircraft with the rules, procedures and instrument navigation skills enabling you to takeoff and land in conditions where you may only be able to see a mere half mile in front of the aircraft.

Centennial's state of the art, full motion, Redbird FMX simulator (pictured) gives the student an extremely realistic experience before they operate an aircraft under similar conditions. In the simulator, emergencies are practiced that cannot be safely conducted in the aircraft during actual IFR flight. Our simulator and Seneca have both been configured - including a Garmin 530 and Garmin 430 GPS so that the instrument panels are nearly identical. This technique is used by Airlines to make the transition from simulator to aircraft as smooth as possible.

Whenever possible flight training in C-GNJX, our Seneca, is conducted in actual IMC (instrument meteorological conditions). This allows us to train you in conditions that will better prepare you for the situations you will encounter when you gain a position in the industry. The aircraft is also equipped with a Slaved Compass System incorporating an HSI and RMI. A fully IFR Certified GPS combination of a Garmin 530 and a Garmin 430 has been installed so that you may train in GPS navigation techniques.


Course Outline

  • 20 hours dual Redbird FMX simulator
  • 20 hours dual aircraft
  • over 50 hours ground school


  • Canada Air Pilot 3
  • Low Enroute Charts
  • Terminal Chart
  • A.I.M.
  • Canada Flight Supplement
  • Instrument Procedures Manual
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