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Night Endorsement

Centennial 172s ready for night training flight

Make the most of that hard earned licence ... do it in the dark!!! Now is the time to free yourself of those restricting daylight hours.

The night rating provides a new dimension to your flying by introducing some of the basic techniques involved in instrument flying.

This advancement of your flying skills will enable you to extend your flights and fly in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.


Course Outline

Minimum 20 hours flight time:

  • 10 hours of night flight time including a minimum of:
    • 5 hours dual flight time including 2 hours cross-country.
    • 5 hours solo flight time including 10 take-offs, circuits and landings and;
  • 10 hours of dual instrument time which may include the 5 hours instrument obtained during the Private Pilot Course.
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Premier Flight School