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Centennial currently maintains a fleet consisting of four Cessna 172Ms (our primary flight trainer), one Cessna 172S, one Piper Arrow and one Piper Seneca I. This mix of airplanes provides a mix of high and low wing models and represents the most common types and equipment that are likely to be encountered by our graduates in the early stages of their careers.

Cessna 172M

Cessna 172
Number in Fleet 4 (C-FCZA, C-GIYT, C-GXAA, C-GBNB)
Maximum Passengers 3
Cruise Speed 115 mph
Maximum Payload 900 lbs
Maximum Range 400 Miles
Rental Rate $155/hour

Centennial Flight Centre uses the Cessna 172 Skyhawk as its primary trainer. We have found that the four seat C-172 has some great advantages over its smaller two seat counterparts:

  • The C-172 is a quieter and roomier aircraft which makes for a better learning environment. All our aircraft are equipped with excellent, four place, voice-activated intercoms for comfortable communications between student and instructor.
  • The C-172 is more stable in most flight regimes.
  • Larger or heavier people are not restricted by aircraft size or performance.
  • The C-172 carries more fuel, more people, and more baggage while offering better performance.
  • Due to the fact that you have completed your training on the C-172, upon completion you will already be checked out on a four seat aircraft. This will save you money and allow you to be safer when carrying passengers thanks to the experience already acquired.
  • The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the world's most popular four seat aircraft and with the extra performance, can get to and from the training area in a shorter period of time than the smaller two seaters.

Cessna 172S

Cessna 172S
Number in Fleet 1 (C-GXSP)
Maximum Passengers 3
Cruise Speed 135 mph
Maximum Payload 900 lbs
Maximum Range 520 Miles
Rental Rate $170/hour

As a step up in the 172 category we also have a 2001 Skyhawk SP model. With a more powerful engine and updated interior and avionics from our other 172s, GXSP offers an alternative for cross-countries and advanced training.

With and IFR GPS and a large 5 1/2" moving map display along with an HSI, it is frequently used for single engine IFR training. Also, with upgraded sound insulation and leather seats, it is quieter and more comfortable so it gets use by some students and our renters for their longer cross country flights. While not as capable as our Piper Arrow, it is an easy step up from our regular trainers.

Piper Arrow

Piper Arrow
Number in Fleet 1 (C-GFLY)
Maximum Passengers 3
Cruise Speed 160 mph
Maximum Payload 1,000 lbs
Maximum Range 600 miles
Rental Rate $203/hour

The Arrow is a very comfortable 4 person cross-country airplane. With more power and speed as well as a larger, roomier cabin than a 172 it also works very well for mountain check-outs. The constant speed propellor and retractable gear position it well as a perfect transition between the basic 172 trainer and our Seneca. With a very similar panel and SOPs that are complimentary to the Seneca's, it can also be used for part of the IFR training program.

Piper Seneca I

Piper Seneca I
Number in Fleet 1 (C-GNJX)
Maximum Passengers 5
Cruise Speed 160 mph
Maximum Payload 1200 lbs
Maximum Range 650 Miles
Rental Rate $313/hour

The Seneca is used by many charter and freight companies and is frequently one of the first multi-engine planes that a rookie charter pilot will fly. This makes for training that is similar to the real-world experiences that will follow graduation.

Centennial has chosen the Piper Seneca because it is a stable platform for Multi-Engine and IFR training. The Seneca gives the student exposure to single-engine characteristics, performance data and aircraft systems that best represent the twin-engine aeroplanes used by commercial operators today.

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