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Studying in Canada is a relatively straightforward process, but depending on your circumstances, there may be a number of steps that require a considerable amount of calendar time to complete.


The Alberta Government provides information on Education Equivalencies that you should review to get a sense of where your current education aligns with schooling in Canada. As you move to the next step of contacting us, we can help clarify any questions you may still have relating to your current education.

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Medical Insurance

Depending on what country you are from, you may require an Immigration Medical Examination prior to entering Canada. Regardless of what country you are from, you will be required to pass an aviation medical examination for your training. Transport Canada provides a searchable list of Civil Aviation Medical Examiners outside of Canada that can perform this examination.

Visa For International Students

Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides information on studying in Canada, including whether you will need a study permit and how to apply for one, health insurance, obtaining a work permit, and other things you will need to consider.

If your training takes more than six months to complete, you will require a Study Permit. If your training will take less than six months to complete, a Study Permit is not required but may be desirable, depending on whether you plan to work part-time or think your stay will be extended. Depending on the country you are from, you may require a Temporary Resident Visa, regardless of the length of your stay.

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About Edmonton

With a growing population of nearly one million, Edmonton is a thriving metropolitan city that retains the convenience and sense of community typically encountered in much smaller cities. Newcomers will find all the services and facilities provided in any major city in the world, yet still be able to quickly fit in and become comfortable living in a new country. Not only is Edmonton a warm and welcoming city, but residents also enjoy one of the lowest costs of living in North America.

Edmonton is the capital of the province of Alberta and is well known for its beautiful river valley, excellent recreational opportunities, and expansive park system – the largest of any urban centre in North America. Edmonton hosts a number of world-class festivals, including the Folk Festival, The Works, Street Performers Festival, K-Days, Shakespeare in the Park, ‘A Taste of Edmonton, and the world-famous Fringe Festival – the largest festival of alternative theatre in North America.

Training - TC MinimumCost per hourTotal hoursCost to Student
Aircraft Use - single engine$175185$32,375
Aircraft Use - multi engine$34515$5,175
Flight Instructing$75120$9,000
Pre and Post Briefing Instructions$7596$7,200
Supervised Solo Flights$4042$1,680
Simulator Use$6520$1,300
Ground School incl pilot kit$1,1001$1,100
Cost of CPL license$57,830
Misc External Costs (Exams, medical, etc)$1,4901$1,490
Total Cost without Taxes$59,320
Total Cost with Taxes$62,286
Training - Average StudentCost per hourTotal hoursCost to Student
Aircraft Use - single engine$155185$28,675
Aircraft Use - multi engine$31315$4,695
Flight Instructing$68120$8,160
Pre and Post Briefing Instructions$6896$6,528
Supervised Solo Flights$4042$1,680
Simulator Use$7520$1,500
Ground School incl pilot kit$1,1001$1,100
Cost of CPL license$52,338
Misc External Costs (Exams, medical, etc)$1,4901$1,490
Total Cost without Taxes$53,828
Total Cost with Taxes$56,519

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