Why Train with Centennial?

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Why choose Centennial Flight Training?

  • Centennial offers excellent opportunities for employment under the Centennial umbrella
  • Our flight instructors are all highly experienced with 1000’s of hours on multiple aircraft
  • Our aircraft are modern and maintained to the highest standard by our own certified aviation maintenance department
  • In-house Transport Canada certified flight examiners for all licenses and ratings
  • Train in an operational environment with active helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Train in class D airspace with an active air traffic control tower
  • In-house level 2 motion flight simulator for fixed-wing and rotary-wing
  • Prior to the initial flight, our commercial students will receive initial training on our level 2 motion flight simulator at no extra cost

Training Environment at Villeneuve

Our training area provides an excellent variety of training environments. Our training includes landing and takeoffs from oilfield and forestry logging sites to dense forest confined areas. We have easy access to the Canadian Rockies, which enables us to provide full certification to mountain flying.

Villeneuve Airport is the only general aviation airport in the Alberta Capital Region with a NAV CANADA Air Traffic Control Tower, providing our students with a great environment to learn in a busy training airport while being exposed to dealing with air traffic services, which include multiple IFR approach services. The airport is located approximately 10 minutes northwest of the greater Edmonton area.

Class Structure

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As a pilot, you are required to have a valid Aviation Medical. Commercial Pilots require a class 1 Medical. Private Pilots require a class 3 Medical.

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