The exercises that you learned and practiced for your Private Pilot License are now perfected and polished, along with advanced instrument flying. Also included in the Commercial License is your Night Rating. The course itself is 65 hours long. The Commercial License requires a minimum of 200 hours total time, including hours flown while training for the Private License. The required build-up time will be accumulated throughout your training.

Admission Requirements

  • It is recommended that you are educated to a Canadian High School Graduate standard or equivalent. Potential students not meeting this standard will be assessed on an individual basis.
  • Candidates must have a working knowledge of the English language. All interviews and lessons will be conducted in English, the recognized international language of aviation.
  • You must meet the standard of a Transport Canada Category 1 medical examination.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or person lawfully admitted into Canada for flight training.
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be licensed, but you can begin your training before your 18th birthday.
  • Candidates must possess a Private Pilot License.

The lessons will be structured somewhat differently than the Private Pilot License course in that for every hour of dual flying, you will perform two to three hours of solo practice. The instrument training focuses on control of the aircraft with sole reference to the aircraft flight instruments. This training will form a solid basis for your instrument rating.

Ground School

Transport Canada requires a minimum of 80 hours of ground school. Centennial has developed a 110-hour program to ensure that you attain the level of knowledge that is expected by the industry today.

It includes the following material:

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Air Frames, Engines and Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Radio and Electronics Theory
  • Navigation
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Flight Operations
  • Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making
  • *BONUS* Mountain Flying

Licensing Requirements

    • Upon completion, the candidate must have a minimum of 200 hours total time, of which 100 hours must be pilot-in-command. (Includes hours from the Private Pilot course).
    • A minimum of 30 hours solo and 35 hours dual is required on the course. The breakdown requirements are as follows:

Dual (35 hours)

  1. 20 hours instrument
  2. 5 hours night
  3. 10 hours advanced flying techniques

Solo (30 hours)

  1. includes a 300 nautical mile cross-country and 5 hours of night flying
  • A minimum of 80 hours of ground school is required while on the course.
  • Must pass Transport Canada written and flight exams.

Book a Discovery Flight

Click below for a chance to feel how amazing it is to fly! This includes a guided classroom and hangar tour as well as a one-on-one with one of our instructors.

Mountain Check-out

Mountain flying is probably the most beautiful flying you will ever do. But, to fly in the mountains requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. Once you have attained your PPL, you can fly with any of Centennial’s experienced instructors in the majestic Rocky Mountains for your Mountain check-out. You will receive ground instruction with respect to pilot physiology, aircraft performance, mountain weather, and topography. The actual flight in the mountains will put your ground training to use as well as teach you the techniques and skills required for mountain aviation.

Turbine Engine & Operations Seminar

The Turbine course offers advanced ground school training in turbine engines. You will learn the theory and operation of turbine engines, advanced electrical systems, high altitude operations, crew coordination, and pressurization control. When you complete this course you will be ready for flight training in turbine aircraft.

Basic Survival & First Aid Seminar

This course is a must for any pilot. A basic understanding of survival skills and techniques, as well as basic first aid, will be introduced to you from the perspective of a pilot. Survival physiology, shelter building, fire lighting, signalling, and many other topics will be covered. Though these types of courses are offered out of Centennial, this course has been specialized to be directed at pilots specifically. (This course goes well with the Mountain Check-out).

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