Rotary-Wing Training Programs

Pilot License

The commercial license gets you started in your professional flying career. A private license or previous experience in fixed-wing is not required. This license will open the door to your career as a commercial helicopter pilot. Canadian commercial helicopter training requires a minimum of 100 hours of helicopter flight training time and 80 hours of ground school. Additional courses provided in our commercial program for career training include outdoor survival, heli pad building, chain saw safety, and underwater egress.

International Licensing

This course is tailored for international students needing to meet additional international licensing requirements. Additional courses provided in our commercial program prepare you for a career in the industry and can put you at an advantage when applying for employment. These include outdoor survival, first aid, pad building, chainsaw safety, and underwater egress.

Pilots License

This license is used for personal purposes only and allows you to share the freedom of flight with family and friends. The private helicopter license course includes a minimum of 45 hours of flight training time and 40 hours of ground school.

Class Structure

A typical day will include a daily inspection of the helicopters, weather interpretation, preflight briefing and postflight debriefing, refuelling the helicopters, lessons, assignments and exams.
Flight training involves the basic exercises of circuits at the airport, emergency exercises, navigation and confined area work in off-airport locations. Your written exam is completed after your first 50 hours of flight time have been completed. The flight test is generally scheduled when approximately 95% of your flight hours have been completed.

Ground School

Our approach to Transport Canada’s ground school requirement is unique. We offer a comprehensive helicopter-specific curriculum, including assignments and online-based testing for objective evaluation and progress tracking. Our ground school is scheduled during regular school hours. Typical school days will be spent with a mix of flying, attending ground school lectures and completing assignments.

Synergy Flight Training uses tablet-based electronic flight bag software for flight planning, aircraft performance and weight and balance calculations. Our ground school curriculum exceeds the Transport Canada standards and covers the following topics:

Meteorology • Canadian Aviation Regulations • Helicopter Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight • Engines, Airframes • Instruments and Aircraft Systems • Automation and Technology • Radio and Electronic Theory • Navigation and GPS • Flight Operations • Human Performance and Decision Making • Airport Operations • Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Book a Discovery Flight

Click below for a chance to feel how amazing it is to fly a helicopter! Your first step into aviation awaits! This includes a guided classroom and hangar tour as well as a one-on-one with one of our instructors.

Certified Mountain Training

Our certified mountain training course is aimed at the pilot looking to gain experience in the challenging mountain environment. We have both introductions to mountain flying as well as advanced certified mountain flying courses available.

Instrument (IFR) Rating

This rating allows for the operation of a helicopter during instrument flight conditions. Our IFR-equipped R44 and Guimbal helicopters, combined with our GPS-equipped simulator, IFR experienced instructors, and multi-crew standard operating procedures, will have you IFR ready in no time.

Night Rating

This rating is often required for law enforcement and helicopter emergency medical operations. A night rating requires a minimum of 10 hours of flight training.

Instructor Rating

This course will start you on your career as a professional helicopter flight instructor and/or support safe and efficient recurrent training activities. In addition to the requirements of a commercial pilot’s license, This course has a prerequisite of 250 hours of pilot in command flight time.

Helicopter Endorsements

Our instructors have training experience on over 20 different helicopter types. Whether you need an endorsement or recurrent training, we can help.

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